If you're looking to level up your practice and start incorporating Acceptance & Commitment Training into your work, you are in the right place. 

Looking back on my graduate experience, I wish I had been exposed to this curriculum as it has changed not only my life, but the lives of my my clients. I used to feel like I would hit a wall and struggle to push through challenges. With the knowledge I have now, anything seems possible. I am so passionate and excited to share how incorporating ACT into our lives can amplify our effectiveness as supervisors and coworkers and strengthen our relationships with caregivers and most importantly the clients we serve.  If you’re wanting to learn more and level up your skills, let’s work together to get you there! 

When I came across ACT, it truly changed everything about not only my practice, but my relationship with myself. It has made me a better clinician, but also a better human. 

Hello fellow behavior lovers!

Group ACT Mentorship - COMING SOON 



ABA & ACT Mentorship 3-6 Months
(weekly/bi-weekly options available)



Cost: $720-2,880

ABA and ACT Consultation
 - Hourly

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Cost: $120 per Hour


I am a Behavior Analyst whose passion lies in supporting children and parents. I incorporate mindfulness, nature, values and evidenced based practices into my work to help my clients reach their full potential. I love nothing more than connecting with my clients on a deep level. As an individual with ADHD, I strive to provide the type of support to my clients that I so badly wished for as a child. I believe each individual is unique and requires special care and attention to live their best life. When working with me, you can be sure you are getting high quality, individualized care based in your needs and no one else’s. 

Your Board Certified Behavior Analyst & biggest supporter

Hi, i'm Allie!

Alexandra Newell, Allie, MS BCBA

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