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tailored behavior transformation for a fulfilled life

Equipping clients with neuoraffirming, individualized treatment and compassionate support to overcome life's challenges and live an empowered, fulfilled existence.

I am an expert in objectively observing behavior and utilizing my extensive knowledge, years of experience and skill set to identify the barriers that hinder my clients from moving forward. Through my process, I am able to help unveil the intrinsic motivators that ignite my clients' truest core values, teach the skills needed to fully understand and embrace themselves and support a transformation that seamlessly aligns with their deepest goals and aspirations. I welcome clients within the neurotypical and neurodivergent populations including, but not limited to, those with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety disorders and general behavior concerns.

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I am a Behavior Analyst with a passion for supporting children and parents from all walks of life. I love nothing more than connecting with my clients on a deep and intentional level. I incorporate mindfulness, values, nature and evidence-based practices into my work to support my clients in reaching their full potential. As a person with ADHD, I recognize each individual is unique and deserves special care and attention to live their best life. I strive to provide the type of support to my clients that I so badly wished for as a child. When working with me, you can be sure you are getting high quality, individualized care based on your needs and no one else’s. 

Your Board Certified Behavior Analyst & biggest supporter

Hi, i'm Allie!

Alexandra Newell, Allie, MS BCBA

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"Allie helps her clients with reaching new milestones."

Allie is PHENOMENAL. Her can-do attitude shines brightly in dedicating her time to help her clients with reaching new milestones. Diving into behavioral therapy can be a big change for families, but Allie helps make this a POSITIVE change. She makes you feel like you are a part of a team; always asking for feedback and other ideas to make sure everyone's voice is being heard.


"Allie doesn’t give up on learning how a child learns best."

Allie puts all of herself into helping children grow and learn. She doesn’t give up on learning how a child learns best and using that to help a child learn more. That I know from taking the chance myself and seeing the growth in my child from start to finish it is a world of difference and totally worth the time and effort. Without it I truly believe she would not have come anywhere close to where she is today.


"Allie actively collaborates with her clients to curate a values-based path"

When Allie discusses treatment planning with the families she serves, she doesn't attempt to impose what she thinks will be best onto a client. She comes prepared with various options and actively collaborates with her clients to curate a values-based path toward the goals that matter most to them.


"She becomes a partner and is willing to pivot and get creative"

Allie considers the home environment, your child's personality, and your parenting style rather than expecting you to conform. She becomes a partner and she is willing to pivot and get creative to find the right solution for your child and your family.


"In the right hands, your child can only get better!"

If you are a parent worried about what might happen to your children, believe me that in the right hands your child can only get better! Allie is super professional and loves kids 😄


"Nothing resonated with me as much as ACT."

Knowledge is powerful. If you ever attempted to work on yourself by getting help and the "help" left you feeling like you're still stuck in the same spot with nothing but some expensive nice sounding words; get this service. The very first few lesson with Allie, did more work for me than months of other services I've tried. Nothing resonated with me as much as ACT. I went into this experience hoping to help my work and instead found ways to improve every area in my life.


" She changes your perspective and helps you embrace all your child’s potential."

Allie takes away the negative stigma and stereotypes of autism. She changes your perspective and helps you embrace all your child’s potential.


"Allie supported the goals that I had or my daughter as a person and as a family."

Allie supported the goals that I had or my daughter as a person and as a family. Pushing her to move forward in her goals and being a friendly support. Allie was always positive in her interactions with my daughter making her feel comfortable.


Testimonials included within this site are only from former clients, never from current clients. While many were unsolicited, others were solicited following discharge from services. A single asterisk * indicates that a testimonial was unsolicited, and a double asterisk ** indicates that a testimonial was solicited.

As stated within the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts, “behavior analysts do not solicit testimonials from current clients or patients or other persons who because of their particular circumstances are vulnerable to undue influence.”

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